Glottocode: tele1256
ISO 639: tlf

Sources: Loughnane and Fedden (2011) & McElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)

Classification: Trans-New Guinea, Ok-Awyu, Ok, Mountain



IDWordEntryAnnotationLoanSourceSource Gloss
197163and-sóalso 'with'Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
197239appetiserimiínLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
160283armteiŋMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)arm
160285armfeetforearmMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)arm
160289armsakaalMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)arm
160293armtuupper armMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)arm
160284armbanforearmMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)arm
160288armsiklilMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)arm
197159arrowún'type 1'Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
197160arrowkanaàt'type 2'Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
197223arrow (pronged)dem'pronged bird arrow'Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
159765ashesa-tibwhite ashesMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)ashes
197161ashes(at) tib dáka-Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
159762asheskutabMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)ashes
197162atkalLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197164bandicootkajaálbandicoot varietyLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197165batjómbat variety 2Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
197170birdílnem'bird variety 2'Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
197169birdalém'bird variety 1'Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
197171bird of paradisekolomLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197168bird of paradisekolomLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197172blunt (of e.g. knife)fuúmLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
159452bonekunMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)bone
197240break (bone)doko (kubka-)Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
160257buttocksbiimMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)buttocks
197173cassurina treetítíbLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197174chesttuub (kún)chest (bone)Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
197485childmiinLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197481cockatoonàmá-Loughnane and Fedden (2011)white (cockatoo)
197175cockroachtánomLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197176cold (weather)diilLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197177collar bonekwiŋ (kun)Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
197178crumbsbúulLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197179cucumbertámítLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197180cut (hair)bíta-Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
197181dirty (water)miímLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
159894dogkayaamMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)dog
197184downdaákLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197185eaglebokóleagle varietyLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
155904eartuluunMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)ear
155905eartolooŋMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)ear
197241emphatic pronoun marker-kúbLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197186enoughtiiLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197188eyetiinLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
156857eyetiinMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)eye
197187faeces (dung, faeces, excrement)olLoughnane and Fedden (2011)excrement
197486fatheráatúmfather.1POSS1Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
197487fatheraálábfather.3POSSLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197230fed up (with)daálLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197189fernabálLoughnane and Fedden (2011)