Glottocode: nucl1630
ISO 639: bbb

Sources: Dutton (2010)

Classification: Koiarian, Baraic, Barai-Namiae



IDWordEntryAnnotationLoanSourceSource Gloss
14777a (certain one), some, anotherbe|sia, one, otherDutton (2010)
14776a (certain one), some, anotherbe|hia, one, otherDutton (2010)
14593and-ʔo...-ʔoand (joining nouns)Dutton (2010)
14813arm, hand(miʔena) ada|huwingDutton (2010)
14523ashestuʔo|tuashesDutton (2010)
14830bellydebellyDutton (2010)
14496betelnutserubetelnutDutton (2010)
14308blackajablackDutton (2010)
15294bloodavo|du bloodDutton (2010)
14569boneaduboneDutton (2010)
14616breastmu|ibreastDutton (2010)
14446breastmosubreastDutton (2010)
14817bushbotobushDutton (2010)
15300cassowarytubuarecassowaryDutton (2010)
14492chin, jawanoʔujaw, chinDutton (2010)
15207cloth, clothesogonaclothesDutton (2010)
14322cloudisocloudDutton (2010)
15220cookedraecookedDutton (2010)
97523day after tomorrownitu|veday before yesterday, day after tomorrowDutton (2010)
14468day after tomorrownito|heday before yesterday, day after tomorrowDutton (2010)day after tomorrow, day before yesterday
14469day before yesterdaynitu|veday before yesterday, day after tomorrowDutton (2010)
260769day before yesterdaynito|heday before yesterday, day after tomorrowDutton (2010)day after tomorrow, day before yesterday
14600doguʔodog' (ʔ suspicious here, zero expected)Dutton (2010)
14270eargadaearDutton (2010)
15167eyeni|oeyeDutton (2010)
14681face, foreheadvareforeheadDutton (2010)
14747fatherbabafather, uncle (father's brother)Dutton (2010)
14705firemenufireDutton (2010)
15160for, benefactive (cliticised or suffixed to noun)bo|nifor (a thing)Dutton (2010)
14325fullito|tiafullDutton (2010)
14534fur(uʔo) ui(dog's) furDutton (2010)
14363gardenjogardenDutton (2010)
15088goodmaʔi|nagoodDutton (2010)
14485groundsaʔigroundDutton (2010)
14596heartoiʔoheart' (unexpected form; initial glottal stop expected)Dutton (2010)
15060he, she, it (pronoun d:3s)ahuhe, she, it'; 3sg pronounDutton (2010)
14489housearuhouseDutton (2010)
14223husbandbaruhusbandDutton (2010)
14893(immediate) imperative plural verb suffix-heimperative plural suffixDutton (2010)
14894(immediate) imperative plural verb suffix-yeimperative plural suffixDutton (2010)
15147interrogative-nequestion marker (on pronoun subject)Dutton (2010)interrogative particle
14452I (pronoun d:1s)naIDutton (2010)
14218kneeateiknee' (e unexpected; o expected)Dutton (2010)
14235legdeʔulegDutton (2010)
14543livervaliverDutton (2010)
14585locative noun suffix-ʔeat' (in addition to -de, -he)Dutton (2010)
14901Locative noun suffix (at, to, from)-heto, in, fromDutton (2010)
14902Locative noun suffix (at, to, from)-'eto, in, fromDutton (2010)
14753louseumulouseDutton (2010)
15110Medial SS Verb Suffix-memedial ss verb suffixDutton (2010)