Glottocode: tifa1245
ISO 639: tif

Also Known As: Tifalmin

Sources: Loughnane and Fedden (2011) & McElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)

Classification: Trans-New Guinea, Ok-Awyu, Ok, Mountain



IDWordEntryAnnotationLoanSourceSource Gloss
196660and-soo(with)Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
160287armsiklilMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)arm
160282armfeetforearmMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)arm
196657arrowkanaàt'type 2'Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
196656arrowwan'type 1'Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
197088ashes(as-)tibLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
196658ashes(as-)tibLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
159761asheskutabMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)ashes
197089askdaka-Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
199296askdákáLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
196659atkalLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
196665birdilnem'bird variety 2'Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
196664birdalèm'bird variety 1'Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
196663bird of paradisekaloomLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197148blunt (of e.g. knife)fiímLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197090blunt (of e.g. knife)fiímLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
159451bonekunMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)bone
197091burn (tr.)kálLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
160256buttocksbiimMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)buttocks
197092cassurina treetitíbLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
196667chesttuùbLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197048chesttuùb (kun)Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
197143childmànLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
196668cockroachtanoòmLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197049cockroachtanoòmLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197050cold (weather)diílLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
196670cucumbertimítLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197051cucumbertimítLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197093cut (hair)bitá-Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
196672dirtymiimLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197094dirty (water)miimLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
159893dogmiyaanMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)dog
197052dogmijaanLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
196673dogmijaanLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197096downdaákLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197097dry (be dry)kòkLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197149eaglebokalLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
155902earkaluunMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)ear
155903eartilaaŋMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)ear
197098enoughtiiLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
156856eyetiinMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)eye
197100eyetiínLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197099faeces (dung, faeces, excrement)olLoughnane and Fedden (2011)excrement
197144fatheratùmónfather.1POSS1Loughnane and Fedden (2011)
197145fatheraàlàbLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197125fed up (with)daalLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
197101fernabalLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
156752fingernailbuluŋMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)fingernail
197102fishaniíŋLoughnane and Fedden (2011)
158684fulldoŋaMcElhanon and Voorhoeve (1970)full