Wurm, SA. 1973. The Kiwaian Language Family. Pp. 217-224. In Franklin, KJ. (Ed). The Linguistic Situation in the Gulf District and Adjacent Area, Papua New Guinea. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics

Provided Lexicon:

IDLanguageWordEntrySource GlossAnnotationLoan
940Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)mandubu
941Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)womano:bo
942Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)I (pronoun d:1s)mo
943Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)thouřo
944Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)we incl. (pronoun d:1p, incl)nimo
945Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)all (of a number)tuniha
946Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)headepu
947Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)hairepu muho
948Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)eyeitomai
949Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)nosewodi
950Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)earhepa:to
951Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)tooth (front rather than molar)giri
952Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)tonguetotoʔbe
953Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)neckgiopu
954Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)mouthpuʔo
955Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)armtuarmarm
956Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)breastamo
957Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)bellyniřo
958Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)leghairolegleg
959Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)kneepopu
960Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)skintama
961Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)bloodora
962Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)fatneʔemufatfat
963Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)bonehoro
964Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)heartgiʔopu
965Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)liverbeřu
966Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)sunhivio
967Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)moonowe
968Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)starpi:u
969Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)cloudtuʔo
970Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)rainviharainrain
971Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)nightduo
972Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)waterobo
973Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)groundhepu
974Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)stonenoʔoapi
975Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)sandvio
976Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)mountainnoʔoa
977Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)firemuko
978Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)smoke (of fire)ahuta
979Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)ashestuʔo
980Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)pathgabopathpath
981Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)treenuʔa
982Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)roothipi
983Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)bark (of tree)tama
984Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)dogumu
985Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)tailwapo
986Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)birdmomoʔo
987Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)feathermuho
988Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)egghura
989Northeast Kiwai (Urama Dialect)fishna